Thursday, September 20, 2012

What a Lovely Surprise - try #2

I had this all written out last night, but something garbled it and it lost forever.

Last night we met friends Marie & Vashav and Trudie & Leo at the Bierstube (of which I've written many times). It isn't too far from where we are camping so we like to go there when we are down here. As I walked into the room, there the all were with a table all decorated with birthday banners, helium balloons and other festive bits and bobs. What a surprise!

As I got settled in my seat, Trudie passed over a gift bag with a little spoon with the handle curved into a place where a necklace goes through - very cute! It looks a bit like a "coke" spoon, so it is sure to be a conversation starter. The other gift was a fridge magnet that is a fork bent around to look like a grasshopper. Leo is very handy in the shop!

We had a wonderful meal - everyone had the schnitzel as it is the best anywhere - tender, with a crisp outer coating, not greasy at all, just totally yum. And of course we all (except Carm) had the German potato salad which is so tasty and not like any potato salad that you'd think of. Carm had a baked potato and of course he wished he had had the p.salad.

At one point Trudie asked me what I'd wish for the next 50 years. I needed no time to think of my answer - that I'd have as much happiness as I had in the first. Sure there have been bad times, but the good times far outweigh those. Trudie & Marie both had similar answers. They guys wished for Lotto 649 - men.

It was a very congenial time and I felt lucky to have such friends.

The 70s music channel was playing when we got back to the camper (we leave the tv on for the dogs when we leave them behind), and good song after good song was playing. It was nice not to have CNN blaring out news of the world for a while...

(I think I'm birthday'd out for another year... all this cake, lobster and boozy treats are making me crave vegetables and our Eat to Live diet!)