Sunday, September 30, 2012

Star Bright, Star Light, I'm Too Excited to Sleep Tonight

I lay awake most of the night, too excited to sleep. We went over to friends for the evening and while there decided to book my trip. So at 10pm I entered my credit card info and then it was official. Right before bedtime probably wasn't the best timing, especially as I wasn't sleeping well the few nights before (big trigger for mania is lack of sleep). However, we didn't want to take the chance of missing the good price. I had a million thoughts going through my head all night- what shoes will I wear? Do I need a new purse for my carry on, one that fits my tablet comfortably? What electronics will I bring in my carry on? Will I have somewhere to charge them? ... I'm sure you get the picture.

Today I'm still excited but had the distraction of going camping. We are here now, all set up and enjoying a glass of wine, and golf on TV (nap time anyone). Everything went really well: loading the last minute stuff went smoothly ; hitching was good ; the drive was good ; Carm backed into the site like a professional - really, it was perfect ; the rain stopped in time for us to set up ; and then... the satellite... not so great... but as you can tell from the golf mention we did get it going. I looked up roof top automatic systems - $2500 on sale - not gonna happen.

The weather for today and tomorrow is forecasting rain (and indeed it is raining right now), but then the rest of the week looks glorious! We've camped Thanksgiving weekend every year since we started rving and I can' recall any that weren't lovely (I may have selective memory though).

The weight loss challenge is going on. Dorothy facebook'd that she was losing already! I'm pretty sure Merikay will be in the same boat - especially after the amazing hikes in the mountains she has been taking. Me? Not so good... but it's not over yet so I'll be motivated by everyone's participation.

Wherever you are - be all there. Jim Elliot