Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jumbled and Jittery

I've spent the day online looking at a million combination of dates and times to get a good price for my tickets to New Zealand. There are hundreds of price compare websites to check out and the flight combinations seem endless. All the numbers started jumbling in my head till (duh) I started writing things down. I think I’ve found the good price (if only I could find that page again…)! I’m practically jumping out of my seat with excitement – perhaps I’ve just had too much tea!


My music player has been playing through all of this - mostly from a playlist of this weeks favourites. Of course it included endlessly playing the Katie Melua album, I'm nothing if not obsessive. I also have some Ella Fitzgerald playing which is also female love ballads. There is lots of other music, not just sappy! There's even some depressing Leonard Cohen. Carm has the patience of a saint.


Yesterday was beautiful, so, in a fit of work avoidance, we headed off to the big RV sale at the racetrack. We were up and down many, many stairs but didn't find anything to buy (ha ha) - we still like our old Titanium. I find the interiors of the new rigs to be so dark with all the dark cabinetry and flooring. I want bright and cheery! And not so darn formal – really, the furniture in these campers is more formal than what I have at home. We did see a pretty nice class A – cream leather and shiny off-white tile floor. How’s that for practical. Oh, and it was marked down to $299,999 – what a deal!

We met a couple that were shopping for their "fulltime" rig as they were in the process of selling their house and all its contents to hit the road fulltime. Scarily they hadn't rv'd before so they really have no idea if they'll even like the lifestyle. But I was just a tiny bit jealous - what an adventure that would be!


I believe that if one always looked at the skies, one would end up with wings.
Gustave Flaubert