Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Gorging Continues

Oh my aching stomach... the over-indulgence in food has not ended yet... last night we started out okay, but then ended badly (I'm too embarrassed to say how badly). And today after our trip to the flea market (more about that later), we feasted on a breakfast buffet at the McIntosh Inn. Tonight FOR SURE it will be a simple supper of fat-free chickpea hummus, spinach and whole wheat pita. And we've made a solemn vow that after this week it is back onto the straight and narrow.

The flea market was great! It was the same one where we got Grace's camping cage, and where I got all those teacups last June.  Today I started by finding a lovely teapot for $8 (after haggle). I've been looking for a teapot for ages, but wanted something pretty, but not too dear - this one is perfect. It isn't fine china, but for the camper fine china is just a worry. And I so love tea out of a pretty pot. I realized when we got back to the camper that I should have also been looking for a "matching" cup - not a dainty tea cup, but a bigger coffee cup size. The clunky melamine coffee cup will have to do till I get back (now I have a reason for a return trip and something to quest for).

Then I got my hair cut for $10. Yes, ten bucks. It is a good enough cut, and at that price I didn't feel I had to go super short. Hair cuts are always a bit of a disappointment for me though - they never seem to make me look thin and in my 20s - boo hoo.

Then I saw a little pitcher on a table full of stuff. I looked at it, walked away, came back and looked at it again, walked away, and then finally realized that I'd be forever wondering if I didn't at least ask the price. $5. So after a short bargain I got it for $4. What drew my eye to it is that I have a smaller one very similar that I inherited from my Aunty Jean. This one is just the right size to serve maple syrup, or some other sauce at the table. When I looked at it more closely I saw that it is Wedgewood - of etruria. It has a few tiny scratches, but is otherwise in perfect condition.

And my last find was a big piece of blue cotton fabric that I can use as the backer for the quilt I am making for the camper, plus a pretty embroidered cloth, and two small square linen tablecloths - all for THREE DOLLARS! Oh how my heart sings with the bargains made! Of course once I got to the camper and had everything laid out on the picnic table I realized I also would have liked the 4 cobolt blue with a swirl glasses - they were marked $20 for the set, but maybe they would have taken $15 - they would be beautiful on the table as water goblets.  Oh, and the other thing we saw there... a box of puppies. Oh my they were cute (wirehair fox terrier mixed with puggle) and it would have been easy to get carried away and bring one home with us but good sense prevailed (whew) and there are no extra paws on board.

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sunshine and reading. There is not a cloud in the sky, it was about 17C and really quite beautiful. Tomorrow the forecast is for 26C and sunny! I haven't decided exactly what I want to do tomorrow (except light the sparklers of course), but maybe we'll go to Rob McIntosh a dinner and giftware outlet, we can't go to Upper Canada Village as they are closed, or maybe we'll just go for a drive. Oh - we could go for a walk at the bird sanctuary... or I could just lay around and eat bon bons and sip champagne ;-) and drink tea.

p.s. I could see the people next door turning around to look at Grace so I popped over to see if she was bugging them - "Oh, no, we love listening to her". They commented about how they didn't even really know we had dogs and they wondered why they never barked. I love hearing that :-) They are coming over for a glass of wine later (Denis & Doris).

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting. Ralph Waldo Emerson