Thursday, September 13, 2012

What a Wonderful World

Today I was going for a short walk and got to thinking... I've been feeling good - not mania good, just regular happy good - I feel calm and content, very much at peace with myself. Now how can I remember this when the "black dog" descends? When I become depressed all memory of happier times seems to vaporize - whoosh it's gone - and I feel that this black feeling will never ever go away, it is forever. Somehow though I have a way to remind myself so that at least maybe I can hold out some hope.

I thought that maybe if I write a blog post to remind myself, I will remember, or Carm can remind me to re-read it and perhaps feel some hope from that. Cause I feel sure that if I could only somehow recapture todays feeling the blackness might be shorter lived, and maybe a little less black...

And then a song started playing - Louis Armstrong "What a Wonderful World". It was our first dance song at our wedding, so it already has good feelings associated with it, but maybe I could also use it to remind me of how I feel today. And I could play it again and again next time I need to. Cause it really is a wonderful world.