Sunday, September 9, 2012

Earworms... or A Tune in my Head

20110329_food_010St. Laurent Fruit and Vegetable, our regular place to get produce, has closed. Oh no! It was in such a convenient location and had such great prices that it will be hard to replace. Eating pounds and pounds of vegetables every week makes this one important grocery shopping stop. I'd hate to have to rely on our local store as they really suck in the produce department, not to mention their outrageous prices...


poodles-graphicsfairy012Yesterday, after clipping the poodles (has 6 weeks passed already?), I lounged around surfing for music.  I came across some favourites as well as some music I haven't listened to for so long. Luckily I'm a member of a non-iTunes download site where the songs are just $0.15 - what a deal - and they seem to have everything. I even found the soundtrack for the Leonard Cohen documentary which includes the version of "If it be Your Will" sung by Antony ( I listened to that one over and over again, it is so haunting. Today, with my list of finds in hand, I loaded up my mp3 player.  One genre I'm missing though is Island, or Reggie music. If anyone has suggestions I'd welcome them!


Do you ever get an earworm in your head? You know, the songs that just repeat for days and you just can't shake it? My latest one is Home on the Range, which isn't too bad, but a few years back I got "From New York to LA" by Patsy Gallant ( stuck in my head for WEEKS. I just couldn't shake it. OH CRAP!!! I may have just fed the worm... quick! listen to something else less offensive!

I've done most of the writing for this post on my tablet. Have I said recently how much I love my prune? (Asus TF101 transformer aka productivity unit extraordinaire). It was so awesome to have with me on my trip - it is small, has a great keyboard, reads my camera from a USB, could charge on the airplane via USB, has a lovely touch screen, does a good job with Skype (hi honey), has a regular browser as well as lots of apps, and is just generally awesome. I should get a kickback for all the glowing adverts I do for it, but alas I don't.

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” Judy Garland


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  1. Nice drawing your great grandfather have done. Dragon style we call it here. This is for a book shelf. My youngest brother, Trond is a trained wood carver. In his younger days he was educated in wood carving at the only school educating wood carvers in the country. He is now a teacher in secondary school.