Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Day of Spring?

The calendar said that yesterday was the first day of spring, but I'm not so sure. We still have high snowbanks of unmelted snow, not to mention that it snowed all day yesterday.

I've been anxiously checking the weather to see when we can put the slides out in the camper to put in the new chair, pillows, etc. We also bought a rolling island cart to increase the counter space, I think it will be too big, but Carm seems to think it will be fine. We'll do a "test" by putting something on top of a tall stool and seeing how it impacts our space. If it is okay we'll put it together, if not it will go straight back to Ikea (maybe to be exchanged for a smaller one).

I was looking back into my weight records and saw an interesting trend - by the end of last winter I had gained 15lbs back, whereas this time I only gained 7lbs from my lowest weight. It is a bit of yo-yoing, but I am getting better at keeping a constant weight. Once Carm's birthday is done it will be back to the straight and narrow to lose those 7lbs, plus another 10lbs. Practice makes perfect - right?

Carm brought a lovely treat home today - two beautiful hydrangeas, one pink and one blue. The will certainly brighten up the place and help us feel a bit like spring.

O, wind, If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?
~Percy Bysshe Shelley