Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Fabric Arrived!

After putzing around the house this morning and early afternoon, I was struck with the idea of going down to Morrisburg for the best club sandwich around. It was already 2pm when I came up with the idea, so a quick phone call to the restaurant to find out what time they served lunch until, then zoom we were on our way :-) It was a nice day and the truck hasn't had a run for a while so the dogs got to come for a bit of a ride as well. They may have felt gypped though as they didn't get out of the truck the whole trip. Oh well, they seemed happy enough I guess - except for Spike who watched out the window the entire time we were eating, saw us come out of the restaurant, then watched us amble a few stores over to the used store. I'm not really sure what to do to help him over this.

Of course we had a delicious club sandwich (made with real chicken breast), and it even came with a lovely little salad. Nice. No supper for us tonight! And we may have to fast tomorrow...

On to the used store - I scored two candle holders with matching bud vase of Norwegian Pewter all for the horrendous price of $4.00. Yup, all together it was $4.00. They'll go into the camper. I also found two curtains that match the curtains in the camper's bedroom. They are the perfect size to throw over the dog beds. And with two of them I'll always have a clean one to swap out. Again, $4.00 for the pair. I love shopping these bargain places :-) (Carm, not so much)

And I can't forget the best! My fabric arrived safe and sound. It was with bated breath that I opened the package - were the colours on eBay the same as the actual fabric... YES! And it is a nice quality too. I've already started gathering my pillow forms, and getting the pillow backs out (I'm saving on the expensive fabric by putting a different fabric on the backs of the cushions). I'll start cutting and sewing tomorrow. Wish me luck - my sewing machine is somewhat temperamental... I just may have to send Carm to Costco for the machine they have on sale that has a speed setting!

And woven into the fabric of this harsh existence was music.

Lesley Garrett