Monday, March 4, 2013

The Fabric of the Universe Unravels

I ordered fabric today!!!

I tried to get a photo of the carpet, but the colours turned out all wrong - it is actually the same colours as in the fabric - at least how the fabric appears on the internet - my fingers are crossed that the colours are actually the same as in the photo...

First though, we dashed into town to hit up a few fabric stores, just to make sure there wasn't anything that I could find here. No luck though, not even close. Carm was a good sport and sifted through the bolts of fabric in piles at Fabricland. You really have to be committed to shopping to find anything there.

We did pick up some polar fleece in a green camouflage so I can make a new coat for Kabira. I'm going to make it somewhat like Spike's hoodie, without the hood. She'll be happy to have another coat.

I ran across this on youtube today - the creation of Sam McGee - a wonderful reading by Johnny Cash.

One of the things we picked up at the Asian market was Thai Basil - it is SO GOOD! We had it in a Thai/Asian soup that I made yesterday, and today in a stir fry. I'll tell you, it is an addition that really pops the flavour. One epic failure today though - remember I talked about adding parsley to my smoothie? Well today I thought I'd be smart and just put the whole thing in, stalk included. Gag, puke... the stem changed it from a smoothie to a chunky - and it was YUCK. I still chocked it down though - all those good nutrients! Grace wasn't even fussed about it, she spit out all the chunky bits. Tomorrow no stalk!

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

Lao Tzu