Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.

Today we are downtown checked into the Marriott Courtyard to celebrate Carm and his friend Bruce's birthdays. It is nice to stay in town as we don't have to worry about the weather, nor do we have to be concerned about an extra glass of wine. We came in early to have time to have a quick shwarma and a good leisurely browse in a giant liquor store (with an excellent Vintages section). And then a bit of a nap while watching golf (what else is there to do while watching golf?)

We gone to a few different restaurants over the years but have settled on the Keg as our favorite (at least for now). So tonight we will be carnivores and gorge on large slabs of meat. The idea kind of turns my stomach a bit, but once I smelt the charred meat my stomach said yes! (and my brain said, okay, but you'd better enjoy it cause we aren't doing this again for a very long time...)

There would have been a time years ago, that after supper we would have been putting on our dancing shoes and painting the town red. This year, Bruce & Tina came back to our room for a short visit, and then we were getting ready to saw logs. We are no longer in our 20s!

Our friend's son Marc is home babysitting the pets (Spike was back under my feet when it was time to go, I think he sensed a longer outing). I'm not worried (okay, I did have some anxiety), but the dogs like him so all will be well. His family has had dogs his whole life, including Irish Wolfhounds, so he's a pro. And this year we were able to text a few times which really put my mind at rest.

Good night, sleep tight!

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.