Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The March winds are the morning yawn

We had some visitors yesterday - two little cats appeared at the back door while I was drinking my morning coffee. I heard them meow, but thought it was Grace, as we have no cats. I heard it again and turned around to see two furry faces pressed against the glass. It wasn't long before the dogs were going berserk at the window... the kitties made their way to the barn where I could see them sunning themselves in the doorway. A few phone calls to local vet offices revealed no potential owners.

I went out a bit later to see what they were like - the black one was very sweet and affectionate (on second visit I believe she is in heat), while the male holds his distance. I took the dogs out there one at a time on their leashes with the hope that an official meeting would help them to realize the cats aren't prey :-( I don't know how much luck I had with that, but the fact that the cats made it alive until the end of the day says something.

As dusk fell I could see them making their way back up to the house, looking for food. It was ever so hard, but we held out hoping that they would move on to a safer location. It seems that they have as the barn is empty of them this morning.

Yesterday Carm returned the Ikea poang chair frame that had cracked while assembling it. The holes were mis-drilled making it hard to assemble. Ikea gave no trouble, and even gave a gift card for his trouble (now that's customer service!). We now have the new frame assembled and paired up with its leather seat pad. After pestering him incessantly, Carm finally helped me to remove the old heavy recliner and put in the new chair. With cushions, tablecloths, etc. it looks so nice, but perhaps overdone. It certainly isn't what I'd think of for a CAMPER.

It was a (mostly) bright sunny day and almost 8C, creating rivulets and streams of water working it way down the laneway. Unfortunately it did cloud over, but it was still warm(ish). Since it was Carm's birthday we went for a drive down to the Basket Case in Morrisburg for Club Sandwiches. Yum. I couldn't leave without a peek into the used store. I lucked into a Mountain Equipment Coop spring coat for $6.00 and in brand new condition. I also picked up another jacket that will be good for winter around the place. It is long (over my hips) but doesn't have a hat. There is lots of room in the pockets for my camera and dog treats. This one was $5.00. I was a pretty big spender today!

The pink hydrangeas have started to wilt, while the blue ones still look spectacular. Come spring we will plant them outside for the summer and then bring them in for the winter (they aren't winter hardy in our arctic zone).

Trudie & Leo joined us for a piece of Burnt Sugar cake and a glass of bubbles. Happy Birthday Carm!

Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.
~Quoted by Lewis Grizzard in Kathy Sue Loudermilk, I Love You