Saturday, March 30, 2013

Habitual Nourishment - Off to the Right Start

I'm starting this blog to help me on my journey to better health. I believe that a whole foods, plant-based diet is best for health and weight loss. More and more doctors are coming to this realization and promoting this healthy lifestyle.

Several years ago my doctor gave me a book called 'Eat to Live' as my blood sugar and cholesterol levels were elevated. I stuck with the program for several weeks and lost weight. But demands of work, and a lack of commitment led me back onto a "standard" diet which led to more weight gain and a return to elevated blood numbers.

Finally a few years ago I again made the commitment. I've found and developed many recipes. The vast majority of the meals I cook at home adhere to these principals. Both my husband and I enjoy the food. However, we still succumb to unhealthy choices when eating out, or eating at others homes. This has led to a yo-yo of weight gain and weight loss, but thankfully over the last year we are slowly reducing this up and down effect. But we aren't there yet...

My goal for the next several months is to lose more weight, get more active, and become more committed to this lifestyle.