Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Saw a Robin Today!

Poor thing - there is barely a patch of grass for it as the snow is still very deep. The forecast is for more warmer (but cloudy) days so perhaps it will have a chance.

I think I mentioned that last night we had supper in the camper. Well today we pulled the slides back in and with the addition of Grace's cage things got a little tight. Something is going to have to go - either our popup coffee table or the (uncomfortable) oversize, heavy armchair. If we got rid of the armchair we could replace it with the Ikea "poang" chair like the one we had in the last camper. It is much lighter, a smaller profile, and just all round easier to move about.

Today I was inspired to make a healthy vegetarian chilli - but then wrecked it all by making biscuits (butter anyone?). I like to make my biscuits with cold butter cut into small pieces and don't work it very much so they are flaky and totally delicious - and totally bad for us! But at least the chilli was healthy (and delicious).

Oh, the lovely sun too another vacation from here, and it looks like it won't be back for the foreseeable future :-( I'll have to get my sunshine elsewhere.

The Robin by Thomas Hardy

When up aloft
I fly and fly,
I see in pools
The shining sky,
And a happy bird
Am I, am I!

When I descend
Toward the brink
I stand and look
And stop and drink
And bathe my wings,
And chink, and prink.

When winter frost
Makes earth as steel,
I search and search
But find no meal,
And most unhappy
Then I feel.

But when it lasts,
And snows still fall,
I get to feel
No grief at all
For I turn to a cold, stiff
Feathery ball!