Saturday, January 3, 2015

chairs beside the fireplace

Every day when I write my blog I imagine that you are sitting with me in one of the wing chairs beside the fireplace. If it is cold or snowy out the fire will be blazing and we’ll have our legs stretched out to warm our toes. We are sipping tea or coffee and talking about our day. I seem to do most of the talking but pause to let you have a word. Sometimes I laugh at what I think is my clever repartee and you force a laugh as you didn't think it was that funny (you are probably right). Never mind, my feelings aren't easily hurt. In real life I stumble over my words and lose some to outer space. I can never think of what to say. But here, at in our two dimensional chairs by the fire, the words flow more easily.


Tiny things to write about: "Write last year's fortune cookie. It got everything right."


"Unhealthy eating will take over your life." I didn't start off the year that way, but by the beginning of April I was off the rails. I felt bad: sick and stodgy with acid reflux. But, like an alcoholic grasping a bottle in a brown paper bag I couldn't stop. It started off with a period of slight depression where I just didn't care. Then good mood or not, I really didn't care. I kept telling myself I'd get back on track later. Well, later never came, at least not last year. Now, with x pounds to lose again I have to care. My health has been compromised and I want to feel good again.

Why, oh why, if it makes me feel sick, do I keep eating that junk?


We have been battening down the hatches this afternoon in preparation for the storm that is bearing down on us. Worse than the snow that is already falling is the freezing rain forecast to follow it. With memories of 1998’s ice storm and the resultant 9 day power outage, we always try to be ready when freezing rain is in the forecast. Buckets of water for flushing the toilets are filled, Graces water & dog water are changed, and drinking water jugs are re-filled. The soup cooking in the crockpot should be ready before the storm has really geared up - it can be warmed up on the wood stove. Firewood has been stacked near the big stove downstairs. We are ready for at least a few days without power. Longer than that requires a plan ‘B’.



Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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