Monday, January 12, 2015

geekiness is at maximum strength

I’m just barely able to drag myself away from my tablet… put on your geek shields ‘cause geekiness is at maximum strength today!

Last night, right before bed – dooh! – I downloaded… hang onto your hats… database software for android. Who ho!!!! I’ve long lamented about the redundancy and duplication (hardy har har) in the records that I keep, and that instead of a bunch of word documents, I really needed a DATABASE! Well shiver me timbers there are some in the Play store :-)

I was lying in bed, thinking I’d go to sleep, but the siren lured me into the depths. I had to try NOW. My mind was whirling with the possibilities. I had to jump out of bed to show Carm what I’d set up so far.

Sleep – not.

It is not a full featured database like I would have worked with in my working years, but it does link tables a bit. I’ll have one table with my freezer inventory, and on my menu planning table I’ll add a field that links directly to the inventory so when I’m entering records I’ll be able to select right from that list!!! (sorry for the long run-on sentence)

I am a happy camper (although slightly tired, and more that a little hyped up).

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