Friday, January 2, 2015

Yesterday’s fortune

15 minutes for each resolution today!


The first writing prompt in my new book is "Write yesterday's fortune cookie. It got everything wrong."


"You are working hard toward your goals." Humph. Yesterday? Not so much for one goal. The treadmill stayed stuck in the corner, it's umbilical cord to the power grid laying limply on the floor. Quietly it stood, like a sentinel over inactivity and indulgence. Bette Davis's eyes glared from the TV screen, their insanity memorizing me, pinning me, to the sofa.


I did write toward my goal yesterday - yesterday's blog post was followed by the first draft on the next writing group topic. We start back at the beginning of our guide book so it only makes sense to start at the beginning - my beginning. Several hundred words about my ancestors rolled off my fingers into the first draft. I have some dates to confirm with my parents, a bit more detail to write, and then it is ready for the January 15th reading.

To further inspire me, I read a few pages from an Alice Munroe short story. She is brilliant “Her teeth were crowded to the front of her mouth as if they were ready for an argument”. How does she even think of things like that? It takes me ages to read every page as I devour the same page over and over again desperately trying to absorb her prose into my pores. I study her punctuation with the fervour of teenager listening to their favourite singer.


I'm a little bit excited today as I sent in the order for the 2014 printing of my blog, as well as Spike's Alberta Adventure. If I ever have any question about how much I write, I just have to pick up that book, all 250+ pages of it, to see a stream of verbiage spewing from my fingertips. I had no idea that I babbled that much!

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'  ~Alfred Lord Tennyson