Friday, January 9, 2015

extraordinary hues

I was stretched out on the futon, luxuriating in the sunspot and wondering what trivia I'd think of to write about. A bit of movement outside by the road caught my eye. It looked like someone thinking about turning around at the top of our driveway so I watched for a moment and, as the vehicle backed in, the words FEDEX caused me to jump up, dogs spilling every which way. Santa was coming and I had a pretty good idea what he was bringing.

Carm ran out before the driver gave up on our gate and through our window I could see a very large brown package grasped in Carm's arms. Like a sail propelled by winter winds, the box rushed Carm back to the house. We carefully, (and I mean carefully), ripped open the package to reveal the huge canvas reproduction of Van Gogh's Almond Blossoms that we ordered for the front hall.

There is a billboard sized wall that faces the front door, its bareness a slight irritant to me since we could never figure out what to put there. The Van Gogh episode of Dr. Who inspired me to go on the internet looking for more of his work, not with the hallway in mind, just idle curiosity. I've always loved 'Starry Nights', and the one with the crows speaks to me as well. I wasn't thinking of the hall until this reproduction jumped out at me - I loved its vibrant colours and cheerful subject. THAT was what I wanted to see every time I came in the door - a reminder of spring and rebirth and life itself, painted against a brilliant blue that reminded me of a summer sky. I recalled the apple blossoms in the trees in front of our house that flush with pale pink in the spring.


I'm often a bit hypomanic in the spring when these blossoms start to form. I’m like a super hero whose senses have been enhanced – colours especially seem to take on more extraordinary hues. The picture reminds me of that delicious, delirious state of euphoria, contrasting the long grey days that chase me at the end of winter. Perhaps what I love best about Van Gogh is his ability to express on canvas my feelings and emotions.



For a wild change of topic: Sometimes when I look at the stats for my blog I notice that older posts have been read by somebody. I often click on the link to see what I wrote. It is fun to see what I was doing and thinking in the past, although often I am slightly horrified at what I had written. "Why did I use that word?", "I should have written it this way", are some of the things I say to myself.

I remind myself that seeing fault means that I may be improving my skills - which is a good thing ;-) .


I experience a period of frightening clarity in those moments when nature is so beautiful. I am no longer sure of myself, and the paintings appear as in a dream.

~Vincent Van Gogh