Friday, June 5, 2015

65 Toes in Lake Erie

Grace missed dipping her 8 toes into Lake Erie, but the rest of us enjoyed the sand and surf. I had already taken the dogs out for 2 long walks so they weren't as crazy as yesterday but they seemed to enjoy themselves anyway. After we got them cleaned up enough to go into the truck we came back to camp so I could charge my camera battery. We had a tourist attraction planned and I wanted to make sure I could get a few photos.

I'll bet you wouldn't guess in 100 years what we went to see this afternoon... a submarine! We were the only people on the what was supposed to be 1 hour tour, which turned into 1 hr 30 min. The guide was knowledgable and had many good stories to share. It wasn't as cramped as I imagined it would be, but I sure couldn't imagine sharing the space with 70 stinky people (45 second shower every 3 weeks!). The bunks were stacked so tightly that they could only sleep on their back or stomach - no side sleepers allowed. Weeks and months were spent submerged with no glimpse of daylight except by the person looking through the periscope. It isn't the life for me.

Of course we had to have a bite of lunch first. The taco stand was hopping today but we managed to get our order for tacos and pogos before they ran out of food. I wonder what I'll have for lunch tomorrow?

Our site is shaded by high canopy trees but we were still able to sit outside and enjoy what was left of the afternoon - cue the lawnmower... There is a huge cottonwood tree in the middle of the site, an oak, some pines and spruces, and something others that I don't recognize around the edges. There are little bugs flying around that look like mosquitos - thankfully they aren't very hungry.