Friday, June 19, 2015

BBQ so good

Years ago, when I used to work downtown, Ribfest was a much anticipated lunchtime event. Once a year for 4 days Sparks Street (a pedestrian mall) would fill with smoke from the half dozen or more rib wagons. Lines would snake down the street, and ties would be taken off as hungry office workers flooded the area. People would perch on every available surface to nosh on giant slabs of ribs right off the grill, dripping spicy bbq sauce over shirts destined for a boardroom meeting.

For the last four years of retirement we've thought back to those delicious days with slightly rumbling tummies. "We should" was always followed by inactivity and not actually getting in the car and driving. This year we burst through the inertia and drove downtown to treat ourselves. Mmmmmmm.... ribs..... oh yea. The street was no less smokey and the ribs were no less drippy, and we were no less happy!

It was a good reward after an afternoon spent bucking up a tree that Carm felled the day before. It was right on the edge of the lawn/wild area so we tossed the leafy branches into a big pile just over the divide - more habitat for bunnies and birds. Carm used the chainsaw to cut the branches away from the main trunk which we cut up into lengths for firewood. I hate the chainsaw - so scary and dangerous - but when the need arises, it saves a lot of work.

While we were relaxing on the front steps we heard a faint fluttering in the bush beside us. It was a beautiful little female goldfinch flitting about her nest. She's picked a busy spot to raise a family.

"BBQ so good it would make a vegetarian eat meat again." ~unknown