Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Bazillion little towns

We stuck to the secondary highways today for our 4 1/4 hour drive as there weren't any 4-laners that would get us to our destination. The roads were in good condition and there wasn't much traffic, except in the bazillion little towns and hamlets that we went through. I was the navigator but put my electronic map down for a while thinking we had lots of time. We were on the only stretch of super highway and were looking for an exit to highway 81. We whizzed right by it as I stupidly thought it was too soon and how weird to have two roads with the same number...

As luck would have it I fired up Google maps on my tablet and it showed us where we really were! Just in the nick of time too. Alternate route #2 now became our chosen path. We stuck on the same highway for around 2 hours, keep track of where it turned north, east and west. I didn't put down my map again.

We eventually came to the turn-off for the park, driving into its depths for what seemed like an age. The trees crowded in against the road suffocating this prairie girl. Trees are nice, but give me an open sky any day. We got checked in and drove some more. When we got to the site Carm was pretty happy that it was an easy back-in but then we got look'n and look'n - where oh where was the power pedestal? We were just about to drive back to the office (how could I have reserved a non-electrical?), when Carm spied it nearly 80 ft away through the woods and down the road!

Giving Carm the directions I think I stepped into a patch of poison ivy. This place is covered with the vile plant. It is easy enough for me to avoid, but keeping the dogs out of it while giving them somewhere to 'go' is tricky.

Carm talked to the neighbors who also have a Titanium, while I took the dogs for a walk. The dog area along the shoreline isn't too far so we trecked to see what Lake Huron is like. It isn't a beach, and it isn't off-leash, but it is a beautiful stretch of rocky shoreline. The dogs and I dipped our toes :-)  That is 3 great lakes this trip! I barely got back to the camper when the rain started. No satellite TV again, but we got one station over the antenna, so we spent the rest of the afternoon watching golf.