Monday, June 1, 2015

This is Wonderful

Huffing and puffing from our run for the bus we settled into our seats to enjoy the trip to the Falls. When we checked into the campground we were handed two WEGO 48 hour bus passes. Letting someone do the driving and not having to park seemed like a good idea, at least for today.

Our first stop was Table rock, right at the top of the rush of water. The light rain merged with the mist to create a veil across the majestic view, obscuring most of the view. Still, there was something awe inspiring. We weren't the only ones taking in the view. People of all nationalities and religions crowded with smiling faces against the railings. I felt an upwelling of emotion as I took it all in. I'm not particularly nationalistic but I felt proud that we have such a great country, one that people from all over the world journey to visit.

I don't think I've been sleeping well, and am maybe tired as I felt emotionally fragile for much of the day.

After taking in the falls we walked down the road to catch the bus to our next destination. Anyone have a cigarette? The bus seemed to take forever to come. Once we got on the elusive bus we grabbed seats that would give us a bit of a view of the gorge. It was maybe a 15 minute bus ride to the Butterfly Conservatory. As we stepped into this enchanted world, Carm said it best: this is wonderful. It truly was magical - a flurry of butterflies flitted from one flower to the next. Some large ones were feeding on slices of orange, others seemed more interested in the nectar of a myriad of choices. Our blood pressure dropped several points in this peaceful setting.

Bus again. Get off at the Exotic Bird exhibit. As we walked in the door a huge wash of emotion had me in tears. There was a blue & gold macaw at the entrance and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get past the reminder of our pair. I knew I had to do it, so I swallowed my tears, thought of baseball scores and entered. It was an interesting exhibit, although a tad disappointing. There were some parrots, lots of small birds, some scarlet ibis, a huge cage of lorikeets, and a conservatory with many smaller and medium birds. There were two more pairs of blue & golds as well.

For me, the most interesting exhibit was the fruit bats. We could get up close to the glass, almost nose to nose, to get a good view of their dracula features. Hanging upside down, occasionally darting to the food tray, we got a really good look. It was fascinating.

We took a short walk to where we could catch the "red" line bus route and travelled back to the camper (hereafter referred to as home). The dogs, not too hot or too cold, were ecstatic at our return! Grace may have been happy to see us too, but she isn't quite as demonstrative.

No souvenirs were purchased. Yet!