Monday, June 8, 2015

Third Great Lake

The shores of Lake Huron beckoned us today and we needed a few groceries. We thought we were in the middle of nowhere, but the people 2 sites over informed us that Port Elgin was on the border of the park and even had a Walmart! It was clear that we had to make the 10 minute drive even though we are generally not Walmartians.

The town surprised us with its size, it went on forever and had everything you'd want in a town. The architecture is lovely in the area - many of the historic houses are built with a pale yellow brick that has aged delightfully. Gables, porches and imposing two stories line the main road through Port Elgin. We had left the camper with the idea of stopping for a quick breakfast and found a little place downtown that specialized in Eggs Benedict which is a special treat for me. It was delicious and well worth the tourist $ price tag.

With bellies full of eggs we got back into the truck to drive to Southampton. No, not the one that I sailed out of years ago with my parents, this one is nestled against Lake Huron. We deeked down a side road so we could see the Saugeen river and stumbled on a picturesque scene with tug boats on trestles, a lighthouse in the bay, and sailboats gently rocking in the smooth harbour.

Time for some shopping back in the main town - who doesn't go to a dollar store when on vacation? We got the goods, then headed back to camp, taking a winding road that hugged the shoreline. Beautiful houses were tucked in the woods on either side of the road. I wondered if they had as much poison ivy as the park...

The dogs were raring to go after watching golf for 4 hours, and Carm hadn't dipped his toes in the lake yet so we took the same path I took yesterday, down to the dog area along the shore. We all stood in the water, surprised that they water wasn't colder, and then walked back to camp, just in time for it to cloud over again with a few light showers.

Carm got out the compass, thinking that we might be able to get satellite signal - he was pretty excited until he realized he was holding the compass upside down... so unless we get a MUCH taller tripod we'll be watching old episodes of Babylon 5 again tonight. Not the worst thing in the world.