Friday, June 12, 2015

a kind of small homecoming

Exiting the 401 onto the road that leads to Brighton was a little bit like coming home, a small homecoming into familiar territory after our adventure. We have stayed in this area every year, except the one we went out west, since we got a camper. The beautiful Lake Ontario stretching out before us, unbroken by a distant shoreline, raises the spirits a bit like being in the prairies does. The town is friendly and clean. The grocery stores are good. Every year we've been here we've looked at real-estate listings and gone to open houses. There is something about this town that beckons us. For now though we'll be happy that we are coming back in August for 28 nights.

It was a lazy sort of day. After I took the dogs out for a very short outing I was back in bed. Eventually I summoned the will to get up and get the day on its way. Two leisurely cups of coffee preceded a trip to the showers, the rv part store, and groceries. Back at the park we took the dogs for a bit of a walk, then I relaxed in the shade, the dogs on their anchors and Grace in her outside cage. We were all pretty chill.

Grace always attracts a certain amount of attention and today was no exception. A bunch of women and girls stood on the road pointing so of course I jumped out of my chair and invited them over. They ooo'd and aahh's over her scarlet tail and graceful grey plumage. Grace loves the attention but doesn't talk for visitors.

While I was relaxing, Carm was helping Bill with his satellite... karma ;-)   For supper we combined efforts with Bill and Brenda for a communal meal and campfire.