Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I guess it's time

"Well, I guess it's time to do the next dog". I looked over to where Bella was hiding and to my shock and surprise she crawled out from under the desk and walked right to the grooming table putting her front feet on it so I could lift her up. The poodles dislike haircut day and cringe when they see the table go up. But they are good dogs, going along with the dreaded process with no complaints.

I had to shave Spike's ears cause I was negligent with brushing - he had long flowing ears that were so beautiful. Now he looks like a kid with a bowl cut. Bella didn't have to endure quite the indignities, but I did chop the hair on her head a wee bit short (bring on the bowl again). But they are done and bathed for another month or so.

I thought that despite the hack job I still deserved a treat so we drove into the village to the wonderful bakery. I had a chocolate dip donut that was de bomb, and Carm had a maple boston - from the smile on his face I'd say it was good too. And just because - for scientific reasons of course - we brought home a mille feuilles so we could compare it with the one we had from the master baker on Preston St. Science you know!

Yesterday I felt a spark of creativity so I dragged out a story that I was working on last summer, but I'll have to say: my brain isn't all there yet. I can't seem to get the creative part of my brain restarted after its long hiatus.

The peonies, with their Rubenesque blossoms, are just about finished. The spent flowers look like ball gowns past their prime, perhaps the dancers fell in the pool, soaking the now limp crinolines. I still bury my face in the flowers every time I pass by and will continue to do so until the last browned petal falls to the earth.

We've started calling her Clarice. The young doe has been hanging around our property for several days now - we suspect that a fawn is hidden somewhere nearby. I have mixed feelings about our guest: I love seeing wildlife and nature, but worry about ticks.

“Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts” ~Jim Morrison