Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rally ended

In the deep, dark woods the internet works but there is no satellite tv. We left Niagara Falls this morning around 10 am and took the milk run route to Port Burwell on Lake Erie. It took just over 2 1/2 hours to get checked into the park and find our site. Some expert backing got us squeezed into our site before you could bat an eye - no yelling!

The pets waited patiently (?) in the truck while we got things set up (record time I might add). The dogs were pretty excited when I finally let them out of the truck. New smells! The possibility of squirrels! Little did they know that there would also be swimming! We all relaxed for a while then piled back into the truck for a trip to the dog beach. It is way too far to walk to, but just over 5 minutes by truck.

Coming over the rise and seeing the strand of beach framed by the blue water of Lake Erie made the drive worthwhile. Hopefully tomorrow will be another nice day and I will remember to bring my camera...

Unruly does not even begin to describe their excitement. And when we got to the off leash part they went crazy. One week of being cooped up at Niagara Falls made for some pretty crazy dogs. They ran like maniacs in and out of the water and through the sand. Bella was like a puppy. We knew playtime was over though when they started finding things to roll in. NOT. Luckily there is a spigot at the entrance to the beach so I was able to rinse most of the sand off us all.

It was a short drive into the town of Port Burwell where we found a food truck with tacos and pogos on the menu - one of each please and yum. Maybe I'll get out of cooking supper for one of the nights we are here.

It is fun to be in a new place, but I'm already looking forward to next year's rally. We both had a really good time. Yesterday was the busiest of all the days. We started out by meeting a bunch of people at an Irish pub for an authentic Irish breakfast. From there Carm and I checked out the big souvenir shop which was actually rather a disappointment. We got back to camp in time to get our chairs and notepads for the trivia game (Carm won - big surprise!), sat around visiting until we both remembered we wanted to get a load of laundry in. After that some people dropped by to see our camper, and then we were off to visit with some other people before heading off for supper at Red Lobster. The bonfire was burning bright when we got back, but I'll have to admit, I didn't last very long before walking back to the camper to bed. I was knackered from all that fun and will probably need a few days to recover!

Whew! Time for a rest.