Saturday, June 6, 2015

Edison Fest

On our way back from getting diesel for the truck we stopped at the Edison Fest in Vienna, a village north of Port Burwell.The main street had a few 'antique' shops with some of their best stuff on the sidewalk. We passed on a lovely set of oak dining chairs, and a slightly cracked crock water jug, instead heading across the street to the lovely park. There were vendors of crafts, second-hand treasures and used library books. There were at least two different churches trying to drum up business,and an organ donor booth for what was left over after ascension.  There was even an Elvis impersonator!

The petting zoo had alpacas, miniature horses, a tiny donkey, sheep, baby goats, a Patagonian Cavy, a little joey in a pouch, a lemur from Madagascar, and an opossum. The owner is living my dream with camels and zebras as well.

We couldn't leave the fest without treating ourselves to some homemade pie! Sitting at a picnic table with other people gives us a chance to talk to the local people. Some of them were born and raised in the area - I wonder what that would be like? Knowing your neighbors your whole life sounds appealing, yet experiencing other places, people and ideas seems like a good idea as well. Would your views be as closed as the experiences you'd had?

The area around Port Burwell is scattered with wind turbines. Sixty-six turbines according to the difficult to find Wind Power interpretive centre. The old building on the site is locked up and instead there are several plaques with information.

The dogs stayed back at the camp watching the golf that is recorded on the PVR. They were asleep when we got back ;-)

It smells lovely here. The sun is warming up the pine and spruce and that scent is mingled with the white blossoms on the trees over there. There is a bit of wood smoke in the air for another layer of fragrance. It is pretty quiet - I think a lot of people are at the beach (they must be hardy Canadians if they are as it is a bit cold).

Tomorrow we head north to Lake Huron - the weather forecast looks good and I think we have our 4 hour milk run figured out. Another adventure, and this time I'll not sing 'on the road again' until we are almost underway. Dogs don't to seem to have a good enough grasp of our language to figure out near future, far future and past... (cut stupid pun).