Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It's Electrifying

We had one last day here and wondered what to do. The Bruc nuclear power generating facility is just 25 minutes away so we decided that was our target. We hoped that it was better than the visitor centre at Darlington and it was. The display has interactive components and lots to see and read - we weren't disappointed that we had made the longish drive.

We weren't sad to be inside as it was a cool day with periods of overcast and/or foggy. A thick fog blanketed some areas that we passed through. I was happy I had worn a sweater.

After our tour we drove around the area a bit more, stopping for a bite of lunch at a restaurant just on the fringe of Port Elgin. It was a charming little place with a full parking lot - I always take that to be a good sign.

Once we got back I snapped leashes on the dogs and dragged Carm on another long walk, a subset of the walk I did this morning,  10 year old Bella is still out front, hurrying us along - she hasn't slowed down a step. There aren't many campers this week so the walk was peaceful. It was time to map out our route for tomorrow - an over 5 hour journey to our next destination. With the 'fireplace' on and Kabira snuggled up to it in her outfit we played around with the mapping software until we were happy with the result. Tomorrow I will keep the map turned on as the route has some jigs and jogs.

Chuck commented that we somehow survived without technology, but I think it is because we used to have better paper maps. The map in the truck doesn't show all the detail that my Streets and Trips does, plus I can zoom in and out with S&T. I have a GPS dongle connected, but it no longer seems to work. I'll just have to keep track of where we really are! When we have internet I love watching the little blue triangle move across the map - it makes me think of Harry Potter and his magic map.

I wish I had a bird song identifier as there are a few birds whose song I don't recognize - the woods definitely sound different than they do at home.

Anyone recognize this song... reach way back in your memories to the late 70s.

I got chills, they're multiplying
And I'm losing control
'Cause the power, you're supplying
It's electrifying!