Monday, June 15, 2015

Bury my nose at peo-nee

Hidden under the dark green foliage, protected from the rain were some peonies, seductresses of the nose. By dusk on Saturday we had finished the laundry and unloaded most of the trailer so I stole a moment to walk the path in the garden. I was surprised to find blossoms that were fresh and lush; with gratitude I buried my nose and inhaled the delicate perfume. Heavenly. 

The garden (and the grass) have grown like crazy since we left 2 1/2 weeks ago. Walking down the garden path I felt like Alice in Wonderland, shrunk down to 1/2 size. Things that were little sprigs now vie for space with established plants that also went bezerk. The weather must have been the right combination of hot and wet.

The grass also grew to epic proportions keeping Carm busy on Saturday and Sunday - 2.5 hours each day and he was 100% done and 100% tired! That lawn would have been great pasture for the lawn ornaments/horses I used to have. We had little electric fences all over the place to keep them out of the flower beds and off the decks, but gosh, they kept the lawn nice and short, fertilizing as they went!

Sunday evening we spent some time with my Mom and Dad - it was Mom's birthday so the Canada side of the family got together (minus a few grandchildren).

We were almost home when we saw a parking lot of cars and trucks flanking our little bridge. We thought it might be an accident, but were surprised to hear (and see) that something had happened to turn our creek from brown to bright green/blue! There must have been a chemical spill somewhere - I hope it doesn't end up in our well...

(thanks to Holly for the photo)

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