Thursday, June 18, 2015

Photos from our opportunity

Here are a few photos of our predicament last Friday courtesy of Brenda. They don't show us at our most stuck point but do give an idea of where we were.

We'd already backed out quite a bit. We were far enough forward that the big tree was right by the door. A 37' trailer is just not agile enough to get around a tight curve with no leaway on either side...  Right in front of the truck is the licence plate eating obstacle - thankfully the plate went back on with just a few new screws. Carm had to jig back and forth several times to get us out of the jam. Then came the loooong backup through curves with trees and obstacles on each side.

Whew! That was close. I was hanging onto the post which the trailer was just clearing. Mike came along and pulled it out which gave us the extra 6 inches that we needed.

Relived, but still a little freaked out!

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