Friday, August 21, 2015

A Blast from his Nostrils

We travelled just over one km this morning, and in that distance we've come to another world. Our last site was sheltered from the wind and aside from the kids that one day, quiet. We've moved to the bluff where the winds are wild and the sounds of crashing waves drown out any other noise. The view out over the water is spectacular, made even more so by the rawness of the weather. Even a perfectly lovely sunny day is made an adventure if the wind is up.

Getting here was our first adventure of the day. Carm started by checking us in and then taking Grace's cage over to this site. Getting it out of the back of the truck means we don't have to worry about jackknifing the truck and crushing the cage (remember a few months ago when we had our fubar getting out of here).

Once back we finished tear-down and started sweating a bit about the drive out. The exit road has trees on both sides and a few tricky curves. At one point the trees on either side of the road leave only 8" on each side… this route kept us awake a few nights.

We had Tom's expert help to get hitched at the right angle to pull out.  Tom was a long-haul transport driver and knows his way around trailers. He suggested backtracking down the one-way. It was 1/4 of the distance and a clear run. With his help we got turned around (ever try to turn 50' in a small space?) and on our way. It was uneventful! Thanks Tom!

So here we are, enjoying Presqu'ile in all its windy glory! And we've already been in for a swim, and the bubbles are chilling :-)

"God opens the sea with a blast of his nostrils"  - recognize this?