Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wowie Zowie

I was going to start writing this while we were hurtling down the 401 towards Presqu'ile but the traffic was horrific and the road as rough as a goat track. Instead we talked and listened to music. The four hours passed in no time, including a stop at a rest stop for Timbits and coffee.

Our planned time of departure was 10:00 am but we missed it by 3 minutes - not bad considering we aren't NASA. We got to the park at just past 2pm, check-in time. After a small adventure getting the camper level, we set up without dog fence for now, and no satellite either. Our site is nice, although a bit small for our monstrosity. We do have some grassy area, and should be good for shade too.

It is a perfect summer day and the lake called us for a swim after the sweaty set-up. We aren't right on the lake, but it is just a few hundred feet, close enough to tempt me to waddle up to the lake in my bathers without covering up as if it were winter. The dogs even had a little dip.

Back at the campsite we have become 'party central' for all the little kids in the area. Grace is the star attraction. They wade through the dogs, stepping over leashes (tripping hazard), making a beeline for her cage on the picnic table. They are all lovely kids, but it was getting a little much. Maybe the novelty will wear off.

Wowie Zowie
Your love's a treat
Wowie Zowie
You can't be beat
Wowie Zowie, baby
You're so neat
I don't even care
If you shave your legs  ~Frank Zappa

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