Monday, August 24, 2015

The other cheek

Last night we had front-row centre seats for Nature's show. Two large dragonflies darted, dove, and astounded us with their skills. Five spiders put on an acrobatic high-wire show as they built their webs for the night's catch. The sky was a peach backdrop with pale blue then indigo at the ceiling. The wind had died down to a gentle caress, letting the others have centre stage. The lapping of the water against the rocks on the shore was a gentle symphony.

This morning another side of Presqu'ile showed itself. I woke up early to the sound of the wind incessantly buffeting the trailer. I got up to look out the window at our plants and saw that they were bent over and the tablecloth was in danger of being whisked off the table. The sky to the west (where the wind was coming from) was dark with rain. Oh well… get dressed, rescue plants, walk dogs before it rains. Rain started on our way back from walk (whew, glad I didn't wait). Back to bed…

The wind was relentless all day, keeping us inside except for walks. A young family pulled in behind us … and started putting up a tent. They were right outside the window where I was sitting so I watched their struggle to get it set up. With a futile hope for a break from the wind they positioned their van to block some of it. I don't think it helped.

The bluff is a great place to camp - in a trailer. You couldn't pay me to camp here in a tent. One year friends that were visiting us insisted on sleeping in their tent despite the weather forecast. The wind picked up overnight, flattening their tent till it was inches from their faces. We were bright and chipper the next morning… they were bleary eyed but claimed they were glad they slept out there - something about the thrill of survival or some such bull!