Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What should my theme be?

The wind is still making its presence known, not by blowing us away, but by keeping up a steady 12 kph draught. Crossing the expanse of lake it absorbs cold from its watery highway. It was too windy for Grace, and frankly, too windy for me too. So it was another quiet day of reading, an outing to walk the dogs along lighthouse lane, some shopping at the gift shop, and an icecream. I suppose those are perfect holiday activities, but I'm waiting for the heat to return so we can get swimming again.

Please don't think I'm complaining because I'm NOT! Being inside is not a hardship. We have views of the lake from nearly every vantage point, and lets face it, the camper is luxe. If I had one complaint to make it would be the all-day BNN (business news network) broadcast. I'm not a big tv fan and really don't like it during the day. I'm keeping my mouth shut though because of the stock market crash that is happening. I deserve a star ;-)

I've been noticing a theme running through my posts...

Voiceless it cries,
Wingless flutters,
Toothless bites,
Mouthless mutters.
― J.R.R. Tolkien

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