Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Friends old and new

It was a typical Presquile day… sleep in (thanks dogs!), walk dogs, have coffee, take a longer walk, then prepare for a quick trip into town.

On our way out of the park we drove to the part of the park we normally camp at so that we could say hello to Dave and Jill who we met last year. It's a funny thing about meeting people then being away from them, then meeting up again. It's like the time between has grown and cemented the friendship.

After leaving D&J's we drove to Bill and Brenda's new house in Brighton. Bill wasn't there, but it was nice to see Brenda, and to share a little bit of her excitement in her new home.

The rest of our afternoon was spent napping and reading. The heat and humidity are high so we didn't feel much like walking (not to mention the heat is hard on the dogs). It was quieter today with only intermittent little girl screaming ;-0

After supper Carm invited Tom for a visit… I've come to bed, but they are still outside the camper… Carm is good at many things, but bringing a conversation to a close is not one of them!