Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Socks, sweaters and pants

I needed socks today… and changed out of my shorts and into capris. We are hoping that this is just a blip into fall weather - it is too soon to lose summer!

It isn't as windy today, 15 kph with a few gusts, it died down sometime overnight. I noticed because our trailer stopped rocking so much! And the noise dropped down to a low roar. Unfortunately it wasn't soon enough for our tenting neighbors - they pulled out this afternoon, cutting their outing short.

Since the day was so grey, after lunch we drove to Trenton to see if we could find a 12v water pump that would give Carm's aching arms and shoulders a break. We have no water tap onsite, instead it has to be carried from a common location and hoisted onto Carm's head to dump into our tank. Dave had shown us his solution to the water problem, and it was a good one with a 50 gallon carrying tank and a pump. We could use 1/2 of his solution to make life a little easier. If we had a pump Carm would be able to pump the water into the tank without any heavy lifting (5 gal=42 lbs). He'd still have to carry it, but Art (who we've seen here for years), has offered to let Carm borrow his cart. Problem solved. Except that it isn't.

We checked several stores in a search for that 12v water pump, but to no avail. Unfortunately there isn't a Princess Auto nearby as they have two in their online catalogue. Maybe the full solution will have to wait till next year.