Saturday, August 22, 2015

Peaceful Easy Feeling

It is 2:30 and I'm sitting outside, in the shade right now, enjoying the cool breeze and spectacular view. The water stretches out beyond the horizon with tones of blue from every hue. The crashing waves of yesterday have been replaced by gentle ones that ripple against the shore. Early this morning there was barely a ripple, every toe-stubbing rock on the bottom easily seen. An occasional sailboat can be seen slicing across the indigo strip of water just below the distant clouds. I could be in heaven.

We were in for our first swim before noon, after the arduous task of putting up the shade tent (which isn't in use yet). It took 10 minutes but gave us an excuse to dip into the water. Carm figures the water is around 74F - refreshing! At 4pm we were in the water again - this time we laid in the sun until we were hot enough.

After lunch, just to say I did something, I washed two of the windows - the ones with a view. I saved the third window for tomorrow. Don't want to do everything in one day ;-)  It has been that sort of lazy day. The dogs didn't even get a proper walk. They aren't complaining though, they are getting their exercise moving from the sun to the shade, and back again, as they heat up and cool down. We've been doing the same thing.

Grace has been huddled in the corner of her cage where she has some shelter from the cool onshore wind. It ruffles her feathers which doesn't please her much. Still, I think she'd rather be outside than in.

"I've got a peaceful, easy feeling" from the Eagles is the refrain that is the backdrop to life here. The sound of the water washes away anxiety, and the expanse of the sky (it is a watery prairie) lifts my spirits.

hark, now hear the sailors cry,
smell the sea, and feel the sky
let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic...
~Van Morrison