Thursday, August 20, 2015


Raindrops… softly pattering on the trailer roof... then pounding... hope we don't get hail. We jump up to check windows and adjust awnings (love the electric ones!) I was already prepared for the change in weather. Dogs were walked. Grace was inside, the towels, shoes, books, and other detrus was brought in.

The storm hit about 1/2 hour before the radar showed, it must have roiled up over Lake Ontario and appeared out of nowhere.

I took my book into bed, but didn't stay awake to read more than a chapter. The soothing sounds of rain lulled me right to sleep. Don't they use these sounds on relaxation cds?

By supper time the rain was finished, leaving the earth drenched with puddles of mud - I wonder if we'll get stuck tomorrow morning when we pull our monstrous home to its next backyard? We did get into the truck for a final pre-flight down the slalom of trees to get out of this place. Our last time at this end of the campground nearly ended in disaster… we are hoping for a better outcome tomorrow.

We scoped out our next site, the one we were in last year. There is a little pop-up there now, and the gentleman said they'd be leaving between 10 and 11 - that takes care of one big question mark.

The wind was howling out on the bluff. Dave and Jill's screen tent was buffeting, flaps were flapping, and waves were crashing. We can hardly wait!