Wednesday, May 3, 2017

can I calm down?

We've had our 'last sleep' before we leave on our trip. Everything is packed and ready to go except tablets and chargers. With everything done I have nothing to keep me busy and nothing to keep me from fretting. I find myself pacing around the house like a tiger in the zoo which is certainly alerting the dogs that something is up.

Pat, the house/pet sitter, came yesterday to let the dogs get used to her again. Spike was anxious at first - he's too smart for his own good - but has settled down. He's the one I worry about the most… (not playing favorites or anything). Grace surprised us all by laying an egg last night. She fiercely protected it (think velociraptor), but this morning went up to her perch for a cheesie so I was able to whisk it away. I hope she doesn't lay another one while we are gone as she'll be less likely to let Pat into her cage. I've left Pat armed with a squirt bottle and a heavy leather glove just in case.

We are flying Air Canada Rouge for the long leg of the trip. They are the discount arm of AC and as such has no onboard entertainment system. We need to bring our tablets to connect to their wifi where we supposedly can stream content. The online reviews were variable. I've loaded up my tablet with movies (Les Mis & Up) and a bunch of episodes of 'Modern Family' just in case their system doesn't work. I do like the old style entertainment center and often enjoy the screen that shows the progress of the plane.

I can't believe that by this time tomorrow we'll be in Barcelona taking in the sights!!! It is getting harder to sit still.

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