Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day 1 - getting there and now we are here in Spain

We are sitting around Jo Ellen and Don's room in a little hotel in downtown Barcalona looking like zombies as we struggle to stay awake till 8pm, that magical hour that means we've beaten jet lag - hah!

We had a long trip (really quite short compared to my trip to NZ). Not much sleep - it is so hard to sleep on a plane, and Carm couldn't get comfortable in the asile seat. Still, were were on our way and the miles were rushing by.

My brain is numb so I'm not making much sense… lack of sleep and a giant, and I mean giant sangria later (it might even have been a litre all to myself, I've seriously not seen glasses that big). After we got checked into the hotel and refreshed ourselves with showers, we went on a lovely walk down Las Ramblas. There were tons of people (watch for pickpockets). After a while our stomachs called for a break so we stopped at a place (incrugiantley called the Pita something or other). We had some tapas to go along with our giant drinks.

We walked around some more, stopping at Palau Guell Antoni Gaudi, one of his first architecterual endeavours. It was pretty neat with wonderful details. Tomorrow we go to Sagrada de Familia - I'm super excited about it.

Can't wait for tomorrow. I'll post photos then. I'm not near my camera and don't really have the energy to stick any in now.

Can't belive we are in Europe. Carm's pretty excited, as you might imagine, and has already found lots of people to speak Italian to and is practically impossible ;-)

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