Saturday, May 13, 2017

day 8 at sea

AHHHH CHOOO… sniff sniff sniff… It hit me at about 8:30 last night, suddenly and  like a ton of bricks. A cold. Or maybe allergies. Thankfully today is a sea day so I’ve been able to sleep in and nap for much of the day.

Carm brought me breakfast in bed this morning: scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and french toast. Room service brought the coffee. I dragged myself into the shower after the coffee and then did some laundry in the sink. We have these nifty little laundry soap sheets which are perfect for a few undies.

I was ready for lunch by noon, tempted by the thought of the sushi that was on the menu today. Unfortunately for me, I wrecked the soy sauce by putting too much wasabi in it. Good thing I brought my  new purse that I had filled with tissues cause that horseradish cleared my sinusus!

Back to the room for a few more hours of sleep - I woke up in time for happy hour - a cranberry juice cocktail for me…

Now I’m back in the room for a rest before heading out for supper. Tonight we have reservations for a specialty restaurant - I’m not sure I’ll do justice to a huge steak but I’ll give it the old college try.

Tomorrow we dock in Kotor, Montenegro. Another adventure awaits. I am getting homesick though - I thought I felt Spike on the bed this morning.

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