Tuesday, May 9, 2017

day 3 - at sea and Calabria

It was a sea day today and that meant getting caught up on some sleep. I never seem to know what time it is and wasn’t getting proper sleep until last night. Early morning excursions didn’t help matters but now I think I’m a bit caught up.

We slouched around the ship today, Carm off to do his things while I did mine. Lots of people watching until we all met up for happy hour. From there it was up to the top where we could watch Italy pass by, keeping a keen eye open for where Carm’s parents came from. We weren’t exactly sure which village it was but felt pretty certain it was one of a few. The edge of the sea was lined with villages and up into the hills other villages dotted the landscape. I would have loved to be driving in those hills to see exactly where his parents were born.

Carm was excited, but uncharacteristically quiet as we steamed past. I think he was affected more than he expected.

The evening petered out. We haven’t been to the theatre once yet - I thought we’d go tonight but I guess I’m still exhausted from all this activity.

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