Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 1 - the photos

Before I write about today, I'll post a few photos from yesterday starting with the view from our hotel. The Port Catalonia hotel is just at the edge of the Gothic quarter and a few blocks the other direction to Las Ramblas, a giant pedestrian walkway with entertainers, restaurants, shops, and crowds of people. It is also a hangout for pickpockets so we are on our guard.

The next photo is a snapshot of Las Ramblas. Lucky for us the weather was perfect for wandering around the city.

We stopped for some tapas and sangria at a restaurant. The drinks were big enough to quench our dehydration from the flying and only left us a little tipsy ;-)

After our snack we walked to the first house that Antonio Gaudi built. It was an impressive structure and quite classical in its design. He hadn’t moved to his organic phase yet.

This is from the roof of Gaudi’s house.

This is a square that we passed through on our way back to the hotel. Not a speck of grass to be seen. People were strolling around it, out enjoying the beautiful evening (or who actually knows what time it was - I was all mixed up).

The streets around the hotel are narrow alleys with balconies and stone details. As we walked around there was a chorus of ‘look at that’, ‘look up over there, that lintel is amazing’ - everything was so different from our streets at home, and so old and wonderful.

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