Friday, May 12, 2017

day 7 Santorini, Greece

The alarm clock played its wicked song this morning before the sun was into the sky. 5:45 am and yes, we are on holiday! I cracked open the curtains to get a first peek at Santorini, Greece.

White buildings spilled down the side of a high cliff - a straight up several hundred foot cliff. Santorini was much rockier and more mountainous than I had imagined.

We got showered, grabbed a quick breakfast (I love not having to cook), then headed to the meeting spot for our excursion. The four of us waited patiently (mostly) for our turn to be ferried to shore. Today we weren’t docked but were anchored in the cauldera.

The day really was a blur of driving switchback roads and walking through tiny streets with whitewashed houses. We did stop to view an excavation of a 3500 year old city which was fascinating.

The woman wouldn’t get out of my way!

Carm wouldn’t either ;-)

We stopped for lunch at a winery - lovely buffet lunch with Greek food and a wine tasting.

Beautiful place, lovely day. Long lovely day.  I’m glad tomorrow is a sea day as I’m exhausted!