Friday, May 5, 2017

La Sagrada Famiilia

This afternoon we were in for a most wonderful treat. After a brief rest at the hotel we hopped into a cab and headed for La Sagrada Famiilia, a place that has been on my bucket list for a while. Carm exchanged pleasantries with the cab driver as he shout and traded insults with bus drivers (something about the size of their whatevers).

We got through the traffic and came to a halt outside the meeting place for our tour. Turn around and there through the trees it was. Tears pricked at my eyes - I was tired and excited.

Its towers soared into the sky. There was a dog park in the park across the street from SF. Wow. From here it was amazing. I was wondering if it would be one of these things that seem that they might be good but are a disappointment. Not so far.

We had signed up for a ‘get ahead of the line’ tour which we hooked up with. The guide gave us an overview of the outside… and then… we stepped inside. I was blown away. It was like stepping into a giant stone forest where the trees soared, their branches reaching out to the sun. I was overcome with emotion. No disappointment here.

The photos really do no justice to the feel of the space. If you have a chance to visit it is a MUST do.

The carvings on one of the facades is really detailed. Lots of animals and of course religious scenes.

We finished our day with some sangria on Las Ramblas and then supper at a little restaurant in the Gothic quarter. Yum.

Actually the day didn’t finish there - we are in Jo Ellen & Don’s room enjoying a late night glass of wine while I finish up this blog.

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