Wednesday, May 10, 2017

day 4 or 5 Katakolon Greece

Greece was outside our window this morning - that makes 4 countries in 5 days - whew! Today we were docked in Katakolon, Greece, where we visited Olympia. Again we had perfect weather: sunny and dry and not too hot. We’ve been blessed with sunshine.

It was a quick 35 minute drive from the port to the site of the first Olympics. Ruins lay tumbled on the ground, although some fragments have been reconstructed.

The stadium was laid out in a large grassy area with sloping sides for people to sit. The running was done back and forth (like swimming) down the sandy track. Carm and I walked (not ran) to the end and back.

We visited two museums afterwards and to be honest I hit saturation point in the second one and escaped to a bench outside in the shade.

We saw the statue of Hermes with Dionysus, a piece of art that has survived over 2000 years. It was excavated onsite.

I almost fell asleep on the bus back, but managed to stay awake for a Pina Colada at Crooners. Nap time after, then supper and an evening visit with Jo Ellen and Don. Our excursion tomorrow leaves at 9:15 so we’ll get to sleep in a bit.

It is starting to be a blur.

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