Friday, May 26, 2017


The mosquitos were flying around me in thick clouds and I thanked my lucky stars that they hadn’t organized themselves as surely then there were enough of them to carry me off.

Slowly the camper is returning to its summer configuration. There is still much to do but today we took a break. A funeral in town and drizzly rain meant we didn’t progress. No worries – if the worse happens and I don’t get any food loaded we’ll just have to eat out ;-) The dogs food is loaded so they are safe though.


Today we went to the funeral of a distant cousin of Carm’s. Theresa had helped Carm’s mom out at the retirement home, helping her to settle in and keeping an eye out for her as she advanced in Alzheimer's. Through the service I remembered some of the churches, cathedrals, and basilicas that we visited on our trip. St. Anthony’s is a modest church in the heart of little Italy and it really isn’t fair to compare it to anything that we saw. I remembered the Sistine Chapel and tried to visualize how big it was compared to the church I was in. The Sistine Chapel seemed huge but when I checked the size on Google (after the service of course) it seems that the two churches are of equal size.

The service was done just after 11 so thoughts turned to lunch and we quickly agreed that Pho would suit us both. After that we deeked into Canadian Tire and then Sears where I found what I was looking for and also scored some really cute strappy sandals that will be perfect on our next cruise (and of course sometimes this summer).


The air around me is black & blue with echoing swearwords as I try to get this post done on my Windows tablet. I’m having no end of trouble and frustrations…

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