Friday, May 5, 2017

Morning at the Cathedral and other places

The stupid alarm clock went off this morning at 7:15 am. I can’t say I lept out of bed in my excitement to get going, instead I dragged myself up and stumbled into the shower. That perked me up.

We met with Jo Ellen and Don downstairs so we could have breakfast before heading out. It was a nice buffet with smoked fish, frittata, pastries, etc. - and it better be as it was 13 euros each - yikes!

Our aim as we headed out this morning was a cathedral that was in that general direction. We zig zagged our way down the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter and finally the walls of the church came into view.

On our way we went down many narrow lanes, just barely wide enough for a pedestrian, but somehow cars shoehorned in. Hidden squares were dotted along our path.

People were out walking their dogs. Where? I couldn’t figure that out as there isn’t a speck of grass to be seen anywhere so I guess the pooches pooped on the sidewalk. I didn’t see any hint of that so everyone must have been good at picking up, plus there were street cleaners and washers all over the place.

The back edge of the cathedral.

The courtyard in the cathedral. There were ducks and a koi pond inside.

Inside. It was Carm’s first time in a cathedral in Europe. His words “I have to take some pictures, you’ll never see anything like this again.” It’s true that it was a lovely building but we had truly awe inspiring places to see later in the day.

One of Gaudi houses that we searched for. We weren’t lacking for steps today - by the end of they day I over-topped 19,000 steps on my fitbit. The Gaudi house was interesting.

Carm resting his feet at the edge of a fountain. We would have all liked to dunk our achy feet right into it!

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