Friday, November 16, 2012

Excellent Customer Service

Noon and we are well on the other side of Toronto. Traversing Toronto was not too bad. Every time we needed to change lanes there was an empty spot beside us. There was only a short slow down as we first entered the city, but the other side was backed up for miles and miles. I'm glad it was today and not yesterday as it looked like it would be several hours to get across.

On our way down to Toronto we passed a few Mennonites driving their buggies along the highway. We also passed the camels - 2 of them. Years ago I thought of getting a camel and even sourced some from the states. Luckily I came to my senses as I think that would be just too much to ask of Carm! It would have been neat though!

The countryside that we drove through getting from Walkerton to Orangville was lovely. In some spots very hilly with pretty farms nestled in hollows. It seems to be horse country as we passed pasture after pasture ornamented by ponies. Some day we will make a trip to the area just for sightseeing.

Oh, and Spike didn't stress at all going through Toronto - everyone barely lifted an eye lid for the trip so far. I guess they know what to expect now.

As you know from yesterday, we arrived at Morry's Trailer Sales at about 2pm. They were ready and waiting for us. After a few minutes to give the dogs a stretch we started with the walk through. The trailer was opened up and warm. The first thing we noticed is that they had painted the front steps to freshen them up. That set the tone for everything else - these guys thing of everything. As we were led through pretty much everything was working and in good order, and what wasn't was quickly put to rights. So fast we could hardly blink our eyes. We asked them where the 12v outlet was which as it turns out the trailer didn't come with one. Without being asked, one was quickly installed and tested (by a pleasant young man).

We had a good evening checking out all the bits and bobs (while enjoying a house warming glass of bubbles of course). When we did make it to bed we found the sleep number to be very comfortable. Carm slept well, but I was awake for hours planning things out. I thrive on planning things out. I love decorating and making a home. And although this one isn't quite home yet I feel that it won't be long. After I load all (1/2) our stuff, get new fabric for cushions, etc, and spend another night, I'm blathering on - maybe lack of sleep over the last few days...

In the morning we we walked the dogs and Carm went out to bring back coffees and breakfast. Before we had even finished 1/2 our breakfast the service guys were inside fixing the few little things we noticed last night. They even topped up the propane to make up for what we used during the night. These guys have customer satisfaction as a priority. We sure got a warm and fuzzy :-)

And of course I can't forget how impressed we are with our new digs!


It is now 3:40 and we are on the 416, less than an hour from home. We are both exhausted - I don't know how people do several long days of driving to get to Florida or Texas. A hot bath followed by a sandwich from the Italian deli and a glass of almond milk are on the agenda for tonight. We only stopped twice this trip which I don't think is enough. Grace is eating as we speak and the dogs are still flaked out in the back - they have travelled really well. I think we learned much about taking a long trip. We can do it!

Now Autumn's fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt.
William Allingham

Happy Tails!