Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Emptying is Done

Yesterday I unloaded quite a bit of stuff, enough to give me panic attacks and general freak out. WHERE is it all going to fit? WHERE will I put the stuff that doesn't fit? I just felt overwhelmed by all that stuff... Carm started yanging on about it as well which just caused me to freak out even more. I needed emergency drugs to get through the day :-(

Today it was more of the same (but I was calmer, mostly), although there wasn't as much stuff to remove. But today was the day to take down all the pictures and hooks etc. I was near to tears many times - I feel like I'm giving away a treasured pet. It will be alright though - it has to be. I'm sure once I get my hands on the new camper (which we are dubbing the Tardis for you Dr. Who fans), and can start organizing (which I love), and decorating (which I love), I'll be in better shape. It will be like getting a new puppy (she told herself over and over). (oh, and Carm didn't yang on so much)

The dogs are all anxious and ill at ease, perhaps because of all the stuff in the living room, or maybe due to my own freak out. But now we are finished and ready for the hand over. Next Thursday will be bitter sweet.

We are treating ourselves to bubbles tonight - a glass of which will be toasted in the camper. A little farewell to a treasured space.

Breathe, breathe, breathe...

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  1. I must have missed something. If you love your old camper so much, and it seems to have more. storage, why are you trading it in? Is the new one a lot nicer?