Monday, November 5, 2012

I Held a Hyacinth Macaw!

And bought a new trailer...

Yup. All in one day. We got up before the crack of dawn and drove for hours. Through Brockville (where we stopped for breakfast, see last post). Past the turn off for Presqu'ile. Past the hotel that we stayed at the time we took Pan oval track racing. Through Toronto where the smog almost chocked us. Up through Orangeville, and then 1 1/2 hours through area we've never traversed until we finally arrived at Morry's.

Anyone that knows Titaniums will know where I'm talking about. It is a giant rv sales place between Walkerton and Hanover which specializes in Titanium trailers. Even though Glendale (company that made the Ti brand) has been out of business for a few years, Morry's is still the place to go. He not only had tons t choose from, he also have parts to build a million more. And he is very knowledgeable, and extremely affable. But he might actually be a bit of a tricky salesman cause we went there to look at a 2008 model but came away owning a 2010 model!

The new camper is almost the same as the one I showed you pictures of last week (but the fridge isn't on a weird angle). It is also LOADED with features. I'm sure I won't remember them all but I'll give it a try: hardwood floors throughout the main floor, 10cf fridge, thermopane windows (good for cold or hot weather), convection microwave, leather sofa and chairs, two electric awnings, mor-ryde hitch, disk brakes, and a ton of other features that I am forgetting. Did I mention the hardwood floors (love, love, love)? It has beautiful upholstery, which I'm not going to cover up... I'm going to have to get some new fabric to make some coordinating pillows, etc. I have projects for the winter!

The funny thing about this is that when we were buying our first trailer, I didn't want anything longer than 16'... our first trailer was 24'... our next trailer was 29'... our current/now last trailer was 34' and now ... our new trailer is 36.5' ... how times change! Thirty six and one half feet is LONG ENOUGH!!!!

Now back to Eric, the owner of Morry's. We mentioned that we travelled with 3 dogs and a parrot, and as soon as I said parrot his ears perked up and we started to talk. He first mentioned his African Grey Timneh, and then went on to say he had a Green Wing Macaw and ... a Hyacinth Macaw. They are the Cadillac of parrots - great huge purple bird with bright yellow skin around his eyes and beak. Stunning. And I held him. Benson was a total sweet heart so I quickly passed him back to Eric as my eyes were starting to prick tears. Strangely I had dreamt about Zack (our male B&G macaw), last night.

Now were are sitting with our tablets in a little hotel in Hanover. It's clean but not very fancy. But it is pretty big and has room for a little table and two chairs.We'll walk (or maybe drive - it's freezing) over to a restaurant for supper in a little while. And then it is lights out to rest up for another marathon drive.

Ha ha. On our drive I realized that our journey to Morry's is HALF as long as I'll be stuck in the plane for between Vancouver and Sydney this January. It is a 15 1/2 hour flight... OMG... at least we were able to get out of the truck and walk around. I'll have to try to get an aisle seat. Maybe it wouldn't bug the other passengers too much if I were to do lunges in the aisle!

Happy Trails!  (what! no pictures - not today, I'm too tired to get them off my camera)